Social Auxiliary Worker

Location: Sandringham
Position Type: Permanent

Purpose of the Job

To work in the community with families in their life space to strengthen family life, support and monitor mentally ill and clients with addictions in the community, and to assist with SASSA grants.

Role and Responsibilities

Case Work

  • Providing daily psycho-social support and basic counselling to families, parents, mentally challenged and people with addictions
  • Work in the life space of families with children to empower parents, significant other and monitor child care
  • Accompany social workers when assistance is needed
  • Assist and facilitate mentally ill persons with home-based care services
  • Provide basic emotional support services to beneficiaries
  • Home visits
  • Assist with SASSA applications
  • Attend family meetings and collaborating with the multidisciplinary team members, as needed
  • Provide auxiliary support services to social workers with administration and family preservations services
  • Provide practical support, banking, home affairs, medical appointments with community members
  • Crisis Management, relevant follow up and monitoring as required which may require the employee to work after hours and on weekends
  • Complete client process notes, intake psychosocial background reports, referral reports, closing reports
  • Maintain registers and statistics.

Group Work

  • Organize and conduct groups to meet common identified psychosocial needs
  • Conduct needs analysis and developing proposals accordingly
  • Facilitate groups when required for specific interventions together with the Social Workers
  • Maintaining files and records appropriately
  • Keep registers and statistics

Community Work

  • Participate in and facilitate  outreach project
  • Maintaining files and records appropriately
  • Keep registers and statistics 

    Professional development / Functioning

    • Maintain and develop appropriate professional skills and knowledge related to field of work
    • Further own professional development by making use of internal and external development opportunities
    • Attend weekly supervision meetings. The supervisor / consultant and supervisee / consultee share responsibility for facilitating an effective working relationship. Parties in this relationship must contract on the goals, structures and nature of this process, and must have regular evaluations of the process.
    • Attend group supervision with the Social Auxiliary Workers around the organization


    Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Team

    • Facilitating a collaborative and mutually beneficial working relationship with social workers


    Ad hoc tasks / Administration

    • Complete administration after engaging with beneficiaries and their families. Administration includes process notes, summary reports, intakes, assessments, closing and transfer reports.
    • Liaise with professionals around the organization via email, telephonically and meetings should this be required
    • Attend meetings as required
    • Complete of monthly statistics
    • Write relevant reports as appropriate
    • Provide feedback to relevant teams when required
    • Research resources needed by social workers
    • To transport clients as required. Own, reliable transport is essential.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Accredited Social Auxiliary work qualification
  • Registered with SACSSP
  • Statutory experience preferable
  • Must have own vehicle
  • Ability to work after hours

Preferred Skills

  • Computer literacy in word and excel
  • High energy levels;
  • Assertiveness
  • Observation and basic counselling skills
  • Excellent communication skills. Good command of the English Language
  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to work after hours when families are available
  • Valid driver’s license and own vehicle a must

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