Saluting our medical and care staff

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With more than 11,000 people in the care of the Chevrah Kadisha, now, more than ever before, our Organisation needs your help. We are always so grateful to our donors for sharing our enormous responsibilities, and especially during this global pandemic which was the catalyst for the launch of our first ever EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND. But finding the right words to express that gratitude is almost impossible, so our staff and residents have prepared this gift for you. Please take a few minutes to listen, because we truly ARE stronger when we’re on your shoulders.

Help us ensure that our staff can continue their incredible work

Emergency Fund

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.
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Fund Patrons
A group of remarkable donors have responded with early significant contributions that have formed the basis for our Emergency Relief Fund. Through your generosity we hope to build on their benevolence and ensure that we can continue our vital life saving work at this time.

Rodney Feinberg

Ian Friedland

Morris Kahn

Norman and Lynda Romain

Anthony Girney

Anthony Girney

GS Cohen


Mandy Yachad

Selwyn Lotzof

Laurie Levin

Estelle Fleishman

Shereen Sacks

David Slotow

Doron Aberman

Jesse Farber

GS Cohen

Byron Raff

Alon Lits

Helene Shapero

graham rosenthal

Ellie Joffe

Raymond Levy

Diane Herr

Monty Isserow

Susan Rose Serebro

Michelle Chavkin

jeanine livingstone

Howard Sommerfeld

Haley Bacher

Elana Siew

Luba Janet

Michael Leor-Lever


Guy Hoffman

Cheryl Sessel

Kelly Kaye

Michael Cohen

Yael Lemel

Sarah Hirschowitz

Lesley Bloch

Jeffrey Zurel

Joan Gentin

shira attia

Jack Shnaier

GS Cohen

Leon Kaplan

Jodi Samuels

Howard Pein

Brenda Krowitz


GS Cohen

brett blogg

Sandy Balkin

Clive Weiner

Simone Leas

Michael Selesnik

GS Cohen

Hilary Lazarus

Stanley Ress

Michael Harrison


Wayne Brook

David Marx

Cyril Budin

Lisa Mondschein

R Aires

Alon Chalmers

Marc Chipkin

Gabriella Friedman

Neil Berman


Lewis Rosen

Batya Waks

Ben and Jodi Sebel

Tony Walt

Hazel Franks

GS Cohen

Joshua Glauber

Bruce Wolpe

Chanan Emdin


Gwenda Smith

Mark Palestine

Liat Friedland

Maureen Zulberg

Clive Ashpol

Maureen Zulberg

Paul Glass

Cynthia Super

Trevor Trope

Daniel Shill

Eskel Jawitz

David Loewenthal

Bev Reeb


Justin Melman

Jonathan Davis

Laurence Strous

J Cassel

Sally Garb

Myles Hodes

Jason Band

Sarit Kaufman

Allan Dennill

Maureen du Plessis

Leonard Bilchitz

LJJ (Paul) Pauwen

Monique Friedland

Pamela Lissoos

Robert Wachsberger

Brian Azizollahoff

Raymond Kramer

Harold Tooch

Harold Tooch

Alan Hurwitz


Brenda Raanan

Brenda Raanan

David Oshry

Reel Papers

Joanne sobel

Choni Davidowitz

Leanne Gordon

Steven Krawitz

Norman Mankowitz

Ernest Melamdowitz

Hanan Hurwitz


Malcolm Block

Selwyn Trakman

Michael and Hilary Dansky

Raphael Arnold

Laurence Lotzoff

Jacqui Schewitz

Michelle Blumenau

Richard Farber

Simon Davis

Idan Segal

Nachi Mendelow

Lael Bethlehem

Helen Segall

Tanya Matisonn

Michael Bank

Michael Katz

Liav Kalmonowitz

Neil Graham

Clive Chipkin

Tamir Bender

Michael Heilbronn

GS Cohen

Sarit Landsman

Liat Ziskind

Clive Blechman

Michy Lissoos

Cheryl/Edwin Waner

Jason Strauss

Vivian Taback

lana ladenheim

Yakira Fisher

oren meyers

Saul Grossberg

Bradley Kark


Melanie Gaddin

Karen Drutman

helene and Robin Jacobson

Juel Barnett

Elaine Ziman

Bruce Wolpe

Stefan Lawrence

Ivor Klitzner

Trevor Brainin

GS Cohen

Ariella Bailey

Alan Leibowitz

Jacqueline Phyllis Saks

Jacqueline Phyllis Saks

David Lipsitz

Norman Weltman

Lauren and Ashley Koonin

Peter Cohen

GS Cohen

hilton price

Joel & Beryl Klotnick

errol sackstein

Ellie Joffe

Mike Charnas

Diana Henning

George Rosowsky

Nicole and Doron Barnes

Wayne Berger

Ari Buntman

Jeffrey Goldberg

Cyril Sher

brad taurog


David Abramsohn

Kerri Lurie

Sylvia Farkas

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