Parshat Terumah – Kindness toward God
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  • Parshat Terumah – Kindness toward God

When we talk about kindness, we usually think of it in terms of doing good for another person.

However, kindness can also be expressed in our service of God. Although God does not need our kindness, our desire to give to Him shows our love for Him.

God instructed Moses to encourage the Children of Israel to donate valuable materials for the building of the Sanctuary, the future dwelling place of the Divine Presence.

These donations were to come from the heart and there was no limit on their value.

The people responded with such unexpected generosity that Moses had to eventually stop them from donating.

Just like giving to another person reflects our love for the other, giving generously towards a Godly cause is a reflection of our love for God. Both kindnesses come from the same place – from the heart.

Have a wonderful Shabbos and remember – be kind.