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With more than 11,000 people in the care of the Chevrah Kadisha, now, more than ever before, our Organisation needs your help. We are always so grateful to our donors for sharing our enormous responsibilities, and especially during this global pandemic which was the catalyst for the launch of our first ever EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND. But finding the right words to express that gratitude is almost impossible, so our staff and residents have prepared this gift for you. Please take a few minutes to listen, because we truly ARE stronger when we’re on your shoulders.

No matter the amount, you can make a difference. 
Help us ensure that No Jew Gets Left Behind.

Emergency Fund

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.
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Fund Patrons
A group of remarkable donors have responded with early significant contributions that have formed the basis for our Emergency Relief Fund. Through your generosity we hope to build on their benevolence and ensure that we can continue our vital life saving work at this time.

Helen Segall

Deanne Herson

Michelle Levin

Jeffrey Zurel

Hayden Goldberg

Jonathan Gabriel

GS Cohen

Julius Kruger

Steven Green

Craig Aron

GS Cohen

Candice Sareli

Harley Ritz

Kevin Aron

Anthony Chait

Bruce Wolpe

Annette Germon

Sam Nudelman

Donald van Hoogstraten

Yael Lemel


Steven Emdin

Lori Heyman

Rob Yates

Cheryl Burt

Cheryl Burt

Cheryl Burt

Mendi Katz


Wayne Becker

GS Cohen

Yishai Mark

Alan Joffe

Janice Galvad

Merle Liebesman

Farrell Sher

Anthony Solomon

Clive Ashpol

Saul Greenblatt

Mark Drutman

Avraham Cobb

John Shochot


Mark Meltzer

Ian Zidel

Anita Kramer

Linda Nementzik

Gail Kerbel

Lynette & Geoff Ossip

Helen Sorrell

jonathan Leibowitz

Steven Korb

Janice Joselowitz

Lynette & Geoff Ossip

Jonathan Mervis

Elizabeth King

Ethne Schewitz

Graham Rogoff

Sheryl Koseff

Brandon Nementzik

Rene Kessler

Hilary Freedman

Norman Singer

Charmaine Renzon

Leigh Freedman

kevin joss

Selma Buch

Lara Nahon

Eitan Urison

Michael Codron

Esther Wineberg

GS Cohen

Lynette Melman

Keren Braude

Breena Bick

Dean Marcus

Linda Schnaid

Ricky Smith

roy feigenbaum

Hazel Steinbuch

Philip Maisel

Eliyahu Aluf

Stanley Medalie

Dale Janks

Gary Lewenstein

Charles Henry Cohen

Amy Jaffe

Steven Friedland

Sandy Van Der Zanden

Craig Isaacson

David Reuben

Norman Fisher

Wayne Becker

Roy Stoler

Ross Tucker

Cecil Kramer

Darryl Grusin

Avron Heyman

Steven Karp

Brian Winer

Russ Sidelsky

Selwyn Kahlberg

Judy Gerson

Bradley Scop

Lawrence Katzeff

Jason Joffe

Michael Selesnik

Brian Hough

Martine Aaron

Manfred Seligman


Marlene Heller

Rodney Brouze

Ronnie Sommer


Rowan Swartz

Darren Horwitz

Bruce Wolpe

Susan Lubner

David Orleow

Harry Nochumsohn

Leslie Shein

Mike Nahon

Mike Nahon

Mike Nahon

Lance Kahn

Dion Smit

Alfred Abrahamsohn

Bernie Herberg

Bernard Herberg

Jillian Levin

Peter Cohen

Gerald Schneider

Grant Levy

Geoff Mirkin

Mark Gordon

Shelli Menachemson

Ken Varejes

Ernest Mazansky


Gretel Aumann

Jeff Liebesman

Lauren Wingrin

Brett Copans

Alan Witt

Boaz Friedland

David Perlstein

David Bagg

Beverley Bank

Norman Geller

Solly Solomon

Seymour Grawitzky

Bram Waks

Steven Green

Henry Steiner

Tracy Josef

Norman Hurwitz

Charles Sherman

Stephan Kangisser

Desmond Schatz

Charles Singer

Alwyn Klein

Alan Levitan

Dr Margot Berger

Ros Rafel-zall

Darryl Garber

Darryl Garber

Lindsay Trope

Ilana Brest

Yvette Ellert

Avron Heyman

Adele cohen

Jan Cohen

Anthony Clacher

Clifford Amoils

Charles Meyerowitz

Chanan Emdin

Cindy Angel

Bernard Gien

Ray Schur

Eric Fish

Adam Markovitz

Selwyn Trakman

Selwyn Moss

Les Mofsowitz

John Stein

Louis Goralsky

Natalie Hirschson

Richard Sutton

Aviva Moore

Terry Berchowitz


Ronnie Schloss

Peter Robin Jacobson

Antoinette Amber

Wendy Ringo

Steven Lurie

Laurence Michel

Galit Smookler

Jackie Meltz

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