The Torah Corner with Rabbi Fox – Introduction
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  • The Torah Corner with Rabbi Fox – Introduction

Welcome to the Torah corner of the brand new Chev Blog.

What do the Torah and the Chev have in common?

They are filled with kindness.

Rav Simlai taught: “The Torah begins with an act of kindness and ends with an act of kindness. It begins with God clothing the naked: “The Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skin and clothed them,” and it ends with Him caring for the dead: “And He [God] buried [Moses] in the Valley.” (Sotah 14)

So too, the kindness of the Chev encompasses all stages of life and beyond. From a helpless abandoned baby to the burial of those who have passed, the Chev is always here to provide an open hand of kindness to those in need.

I am so excited to share with you a short idea about kindness from the Parsha each week.