The transformative power of kindness – Parshat Bo
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  • The transformative power of kindness – Parshat Bo

The Plague of Darkness, which lasted for six days, was so severe and tangible that the Egyptians were not able to walk around.

How then, did the Egyptians manage to get food and water?

The Netziv says that it must have been the Jews, who were able to see and move around, who brought food and water to the Egyptians.

This is incredible. After having been persecuted to such an extent, the Jews were able to find it within themselves to assist their mortal enemies when they were desperate and dying.

Prior to this plague, the Torah refers to the Egyptians as the “neighbours” of the Jews. But when the Jews left Egypt, the Torah calls the Egyptians the “friends” of the Jews.

The compassion and kindness that the Jews displayed towards their enemies transformed their enemies into their friends.

That is the transformative power of kindness and compassion.

Good Shabbos