About the Chev

The Chevrah Kadisha, affectionately known as the “Chev”, is the largest Jewish welfare organisation on the African continent and the oldest in Johannesburg. What started out as a burial society in 1888, has evolved into a full scale welfare organisation caring for the needs of Jews from cradle to grave. The Chev has operated for 134 years and 82% of our annual budget of R313 million is expended on welfare and providing care to those unable to care for themselves. Over 70% of that budget must be fund-raised through the generosity of our donor partners.

The Chev is mandated by the community to care for almost 1,000 residents in its various
facilities and several thousand community members through its financial and social services.
Our residential homes include: Sandringham Gardens; Arcadia Child and Youth Care
Centre; Selwyn Segal, a residential facility for people with intellectual and physical
disabilities and Sandringham Lodge and Square, two residential facilities that house people
with mental health challenges.

Currently, The Chev offers services to residents and community members under nine banners:

The Chev operates in compliance with the highest standards of corporate governance, where every cent is audited, accounted for and directed toward helping someone in need. Our Annual Financial Report is produced once a year. The Chev’s goal is to ensure that no Jew is ever left behind without help or hope.