Why do we need this information?

As a s18A-approved South African Public Benefit Organisation (‘PBO’), we are able to provide our donors with tax deductibility for their donations. Until now, the donors have been able to submit their s18A certificates themselves. In a new initiative from SARS, they will be requiring the PBO to upload the donor’s donation directly to SARS. To facilitate this process, SARS has amended what taxpayer information is required as part of the submission with effect for donations made from 1 March 2023 (Government Gazette 48104 on 24 February 2022). In order for us to submit your donation to the taxman, they require us to provide them with the information requested below.

How is this secure?

We are aware that this is sensitive data and we have made every effort to ensure the safety of the information provided to us. The information flows from the website in one direction through a secure link to an encrypted database, hosted on Microsoft Azure. This database is only accessible from within the Chev domain. We will not share or distribute this data in any way or form, besides as part of the SARS submission.